Amphibians for research

Silurana tropicalis

Adult frogs- photo courtesy of  V.Gvoždík (male-left, female-right)

below- subadult young frogs


Froglets, 1-4 weeks old , size 2,5-3cm                            Price:  2 Euro



Tadpoles, stage approx. 50-54

(Nieuwkoop and Faber), per 100 tads                             Price: 40 Euro                 

              younger stages                                                 inquire

Subadults unsexed, approx. 2 month old, 4-5 cm              Price:  10 Euro

Adult  pairs, 5-6 month old, ready to breed                       Price:  40 Euro/pair

        single frogs (male, female)                                        Price:  20 Euro

Adult  pairs - tested breeders                                           Price:   60 Euro/pair