Amphibians for research


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or call any time between 10 and 24 hrs CET at: +420 739 759 631

How to order:

Use your order form or download one from Portfolio, an e-mail or phonecall is not equivalent to P.O.

Do not forget to include following information: date and mode of delivery, full address (map?), contact phone number for driver

Handling price: only PS boxes, 5,-Euro/box

Shippig prices: air cargo - full price as charged by the shipping company, paid on delivery

                    surface - discounts available on multiple orders and orders over 1000,-Euro

Urgent orders: full price for shippment

Important notice:be aware, that animals should starve for 3-5 days (depending on species and size) prior to shippment to

                       ensure safe delivery

Counselling on handling and husbandry

We shall answer your questions any time by phone or, if not urgent, by e-mail

If you wish to discuss science, please contact our coleagues at Charles Univ., Prague:


For  images of  amphibians and copyright, please write to Václav Gvoždík,M.S.,: