Amphibians for research


Silurana tropicalis

Adult frogs- photo courtesy of  V.Gvoždík (male-left, female-right) below- subadult young frogs   Froglets, 1-4 weeks old , size 2,5-3cm ...


Xenopus laevis - wild, albino

  Xenopus laevis willd color or albino froglets, 1-4 weeks old, 2,5-3cm                                   Price: 2 Euro     Tadpoles, st. 50-52 (Nieuwkoop and...


Xenopus amieti

Xenopus amieti (Volcano Clawed...


Axolotls and Newts

Ambystoma mexicanum (axolotl) Following size categories available only for a limited time period (see: On stock, News) Size: M    6-8...