Amphibians for research

Axolotls and Newts

Ambystoma mexicanum (axolotl)

Following size categories available only for a limited time period (see: On stock, News)

Size: M    6-8 cm                                                 Price: 4 Euro

        L     8-10 cm                                               Price:  8 Euro

        X    10-12cm                                               Price: 10 Euro

        XL   12-15cm                                               Price:  12 Euro

        XXL  15-18cm                                              Price:  16 Euro

Adult males, females, one year old                    Price:  30 Euro


Pleurodeles waltli (adult pair, female above, length up to 30 cm)

After hatching lives as larva with external gills for about three months, metamorphosed young newts remain aquatic and

can be housed in aquarium to maturity. Does not require land or a floating island, if kept at water temperatures bellow

22°C. Spawns at spring and autumn, large eggs suitable for experimental operations and transplants on early embryos.

Young metamorphosed newts, length 10-12 cm                 Price: 6 Euro